What is Karma Yoga?

Anfostar Team Thu Sep 22, 2022
What is Karma Yoga?
What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga means to be absorbed in action. Yoga Karmo Kishalayam, Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam.

In fact, Karma Yoga is the only yoga through which we are able to connect with our soul. Karma Yoga awakens our self-knowledge.

We can then foresee not only our current life objectives but our future course of action.

In this yoga, God is attained through karma. Karma Yoga is considered the best in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

This yoga is more suitable for the householder and hardworking person. Each of us is engaged in some work, but most of us waste most of our energies; Because we do not know the secret of karma.

It is necessary to work for life, for society, for the country, for the world.

But it is also a fact that the origin of sorrow is from karma.

All pain and suffering arise out of attachment.

A person wants to act, he wants to do good to a person and there is a strong possibility that the obliged person will come out ungrateful and will act against the one who does the good.

In this way good deeds also cause sorrow. The result is that such an incident drives man away from action.

This fear of sorrow or suffering destroys a great part of karma and energy.

Karmayoga teaches that act for the sake of action, act without attachment.

A karma yogi works because he likes to act and has no reason beyond it.

A karma yogi does not renounce action, he simply renounces the fruit of action and becomes free from the miseries of action.

His position is like a giver in this world and he never worries about getting anything.

He knows that he is giving and does not ask for anything in return and that is why he does not fall in the clutches of sorrow.

He knows that the bondage of sorrow is the result of the reaction of 'attachment'.

It has been said in the Gita that the equanimity of the mind is the yoga in which a person receives happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, victory and defeat, coincidence and separation in the mind with equal feelings.

The performance of secular work by sacrificing the fruits of action also becomes like worship. No work of the world is separate from Brahman.

Therefore, whatever be the nature of the work, selfless action is always surrendered to God.

The cause of rebirth is the accumulation of desires or unfulfilled desires. A karma yogi does not fall into the trap of the fruit of action, so there is no accumulation of desires.

In this way a karma yogi also becomes free from the bondage of rebirth.

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