What's Next For Universal Champion Braun Strowman?

Jitendra Jangir Wed Apr 08, 2020
What's Next For Universal Champion Braun Strowman?

A few weeks ago Braun Strowman lost his IC championship to Sami Zayan and look now, he has got another championship by defeating dominative superstars Goldberg in a Universal Championship match. Roman Reigns had the chance to get his hands on Goldberg but he did not allow himself to come out due to Coronavirus Pandemic. The chance was later given to Braun Strowman to get his hands on the title which he affirmed positively with no long time in the match, just three Powreslam and a Running Powerslam to dethrone Goldberg.

Braun Strowman is in his first Universal Title reign with this victory. It was just a kind of match that stunned everyone.

Braun Strowm also took to his twitter to share his words for letting him give the chance for the championship match against Goldberg. "It’s real. The #UniversalTitle is in these hands. Thank you @Goldberg and the @WWE Universe who’s always supported. #MonsterMania #WrestleMania," Braun Strowmna said this

We saw Both competitors were in the ring for the championship match, the bail rang and they both looked at each other into the middle of the ring, Goldberg stricken for the first at Braun Strowman. We saw Braun Strowman launching an instant Powerslam on Goldberg but nothing took the damage for Gold he launched a massive Spear on Braun.

Goldberg with another Spear, Braun Strowman holds the control but we again got to see a massive Spear on Braun Strowman, Goldberg had another Spear being the consecutive fourth Spear. Now, Braun Strowman was in the control in the matchup as he nailed Goldberg with consecutive three Powerslam and then enough Running Powerslam on Goldberg for the pin to win the match and that's how he became the new champion.

who will come to meet Braun Strowman for Universal Championship, is it Roman Reigns?

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