Who Won FIBA 3X3 Men's World Cup 2022?

Anfostar Team Tue Jun 28, 2022
Who Won FIBA 3X3 Men's World Cup 2022?
The seventh 3X3 word cup trophy went to Serbia.

It's the fourth time when Serbia became the winner of the 3X3 world cup. The final game played between Serbia and Lithuania on 26 June, SRB beat Lithuania by 20-16 in the game and was captured on the trophy.

Ignas Vaitkus, Gintautas Matulis, Darius Tarvydas, and Marijus Uzupis played for Lithuania and Mihailo Vasic, Marko Brankovic, Dejan Majstorovic, and Strahinja Stojacic were from Serbia. Edmond HO and Cecilia Toth were Referees for the game.

The beginning of taking points started by Stojacic for Serbia and also made 2 in the next it was continuous, again two points were taken by Serbians. After that competitive took the first point. At the first break, Serbia was ahead by 8-2. In the middle of the game(in the 5th min) score was 13-10. Serbia got one point by a free throw and again in the last.

And after all, Serbia became the winner of the FIBA 3X3 world cup by 20-16.

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