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Winner Prediction For Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks at Survivor Series 2020

Updated On: Sun Nov 22, 2020 By Anfostar Team


WWE Survivor Series 2020 is scheduled for November 22, 2020, from inside the WWE ThunderDome at Amway Center. October 26 episode of Raw, WWE has officially confirmed that the Raw Women's Champion Asuka and the SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks will be facing off at Survivor Series 2020.

As for the winners at Survivor Series Between these two superstars, Sasha Banks has a much more chance to win this match so I will go with Banks winning.

This will be a Champion vs. Champions Non-Title match between the Raw Women's Champion and SmackDown Women's Champion.

Champion vs. Champion Match

Asuka (Raw Women's Champion) vs. Sasha Banks (SmackDown Women's Champion)

Winner Predictions: Sasha Banks

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Survivor Series Sasha Banks Asuka

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