Winner Prediction For Sonya Deville Vs. Mandy Rose At WWE SummerSlam 2020

Anfostar Team Sun Aug 23, 2020
Winner Prediction For Sonya Deville Vs. Mandy Rose At WWE SummerSlam 2020
We earlier predicted that there should be a Hair Vs. Hair Match between Mandy Rose Vs. Sonya Deville at SummerSlam. During SmackDown episode [Aug. 14, 2020] We were back with Mandy Rose backstage to address the attack by Sonya Deville. She said, "I've been hearing that my entire life the blond hair. She's just too far be a doll. She's so fake. She can't wrestle. She's just a model that has everything handed to her and, to be honest, that hurts still to this day hearing those things. And you said last week? I am a bikini world champion.

Let me ask you this does having three jobs while putting myself through college while winning that title it does that sound like having everything handed to me.

How about this you and me SummerSlam in a hair versus hair match. You want to sit on your high horse and pretend that you don't give a damn about a selfie or the way, you look. Oh, please put your money where your mouth is, honey. I can't wait to prove you wrong and trust me when I say this it will get ugly. and getting to the WWE that just fell into my lap, right so you out of all people should know how hard I worked how hard I work? But turns out."

It's just a reminder to myself. So thank you, Sonya. Thank you for reminding me that I am so much more than just a pretty face start by cutting my hair trying to make me look ugly. It was going to destroy me."

On the following night Sonya Deville also accepted the challenge, so now it will be Sonay Deville Vs. Mandy Rose in a Hair Vs. Hair match.

Hair Vs. Hair Match

Sonya Deville Vs. Mandy Rose

Predicted Winner: Sonya Deville

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