Worlds Collide Live Results, January 25, 2020 | Venue, Recap, Title Match

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 26, 2020
Worlds Collide  Live Results, January 25, 2020 | Venue, Recap, Title Match
Welcome to Anfostar_Worlds Collide streams live from Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, at 7 ET/4 on the WWE Network. Worlds Collide 2020 features Undisputed ERA vs. Imperium Eight-Man Tag Team Match, Toni Storm challenges NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley for NXT Title, Finn Prepares To Battle Against Ilja Dragunov, DIY Recruit Against Moustache Mountain, Mia Yim And Kay Lee Ray Go Face To Face.

Charly Caruso was there with Sam Roberts and Andy Shepherd to welcome the viewer on the eve of Worlds Collide. They talked about Triple H saying that he wants to make NXT as world know brand. Charly went on to introduce the Eight-man tag-team match between Imperium and Undisputed Era. WWE Network showed us to a video package for tonight's Imperium vs Undisputed Era

The Undisputed Era main event. We saw both teams walked through the backstage area of the Toyota Center, Charly talked abut Walter might that how impressive he is and Undsispputed Era are definitely going to face it. Charly introduced us to the ring for tonight's pre-show match.

Singles Women's division Match

Mia Yim Vs Kay Lee Ray

We headed towards the ring with Mia Tim walking out to the ring first. NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray was next for this non-title match. The bell rang and Yim Yim sent The champion into the corner with kicking her into the direction of the ring corner, she went on to kick her into the corner the referee breaks her out, Ray launched a big tornado DDT out of the corner and went for the cover but she kicked out with 2 counts, Yim made her hand on Yim with a big slap, they both looked on each other, Yim with a simile went to attacked on Ray, Yim right to the back to the neck with her leg. Yim was looking very focus on the match against Rey. Yim mounted a comeback and had a big tornado DDT of her own she went for the cover but she kicked out. Key to Yim into the corner and had her hand on Tim's chest with a big slam. Key with a big superkick on Yim and went for the cover but another and soon kick out made by her.

key lee went onto climb to the top and jumped but I was able to have the attack. now Yim with back Neck Braker Yim with a big DDT from the top of the rope and went for the cover waa kicked out by Key, Yim sent Lee out of the ring and took her in the ring back, Yim climbed on the edge of the ring and she got hit by Lee with a big superkick to send her on the ground, yim went on the top of the rope and hit the floor by dashing down yim. They both went on back to the forth, Key set for the Correybomb but instead got hit by Yim a hurricanrana, and the cover was made to break by Key, Ray rolls Yim into a 2 count. Another cover was made by key but this time got her to pin and win the match.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, victory followed by submission

After the match we saw Charly Caruso was there with Sam Roberts and Andy Shepherd who talked about the next title match between Rhea Ripley and Toni Strom. Andy said how Toni has gone obsessed since she lost her NXT Uk championship to Key Lee.

Singles Match

Finn Balor Vs Ilja Draguno

The time for kicking off the show as Finn Balor made his way out to the ring Ilja Dragunov came next for the first NXT vs. NXT UK match. Finn Took out Ilja with a headlock. They both tangle for a while with a lock. Ilja with an attempt to pin with a crossbody, Finn went face to face and had his hand on Ilja, then he sent Ilja through the mat and went fo another pop and sent him through the top rope with a big dropkick. They both got back in the rig, Ilja tried to make his way out but again he was laid to the waste with a big suplex by Finn, this time Dragunov with a running knee to the face in the corner, Dragunov with a clothesline in the corner and went for the cover he kicked out with 2 counts.

Dragunov took him with strikes to the neck and also the knee strikes on him. This time got back into the fight as Balor went for 1916 but another showdown for Finn as it was blocked. Ilja with a big elbow drop on Finn. Dragunov jumped from the top and took him down on the floor. he got him back in the ring. Ilja went on to make his dominance and Finn started bleeding from the nose, Ilja went the top rope of the post and leaped on Finn but Finn instead cause him destruction as he had his knee up and finally Balor nailed 1916 in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Finn Balor, victory followed by pinfall

Cathy Kelley was in the crowd with The Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake, and Zack Gibson. Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne were also there in the crowd to see the match, Cathy revealed that the winner of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals on Wednesday will earn a title shot at "Takeover: Portland" next month.

Fatal 4-Way Match for NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Angel Garza Vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Vs Jordan Devlin Vs Travis Banks

Fatal 4-Way Match was on the line as Isaiah “Swerve” Scott made his way out in the ring and then Travis Banks who followed by Jordan Devlin. XT Cruiserweight Champion Garza headed up to the ring with a big pop from the crowd, at the hearing of the bail they started brawling at the middle of the ring, Garza took Scott on the ground with a push. Scott with a Flatliner on Devlin, Garza came to attack Scott but Scott set himself save by a dropkick to him.

The time was made for Banks as he hit with a double stomp to the chest of Garza. Scott and, Jordan Devlin were outside who were attacked by Banks, Scott tried to fight back but nothing could work for him Banks took Scott in the ring and went for the cover but there was another kick out. Garza came out but Banks kicks both of them many times.

Banks continued to dominate. Garza and Scott were in the middle of the ring to take each out for the destruction. Banks hit the counter with a Slice of Heaven and a Kiwi Crusher to Devlin and went for a quick cover but did not come easy to win the match. Garza with a Wing Clipper on Scott but Devlin made it failed with a headbutt coming out in between them. Devlin went on to face Scott and sent him through the mat and went for the cover Garza tried to break it up, but Devlin won the match until he could reach to him and this is how he became the champ.

Winner: Jordan Devlin, victory followed by pinfall

Tag-team Match

DIY Vs Moustache Mountain

We went back to the ring with first walking Tyler Bate and Trent Seven of Moustache Mountain. Then DIY(Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) made their way out into the ring with a big pop from the fans as they recruited after a long time, Gargano and Bate started the match at the hearing of the bail, Gargano grabbed him in his arms with solid lock, Bate turned his back and came back in order to have suplex but it was broken out Gargano with a quick action, Gargano and Bate had handshake in the middle of the ring as the fans cheered for both of them, they went on to let their partner come to the ring. Ciampa and Seven tagged to come on down to the ring. Fans chant "Daddy's home!" for Ciampa which gave a sure boost to Chiampa to fight batter with them. Meanwhile, the match was looking like a mix up of comedy and fight rather a comedy They did some comedy with their facial hair.

Ciampa and Bate got back to the fight some more now. Bate with a big clothesline. Bate with the Tyler Driver 97 in the middle of the ring and went for the cover but the instant follow back was made. Seven and Bate hold their power spinning them around. They went to hit the mat with a big smack, Bate covered for a 2 count, meanwhile, the match Bate accidentally dropped, which brought out an advantage for DYI as Ciampa came by the ring with an instant blow, DIY hit the big Meeting In the middle on Seven and went for the cover on Seven for the pin to win.

Winner: DIY, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Bate and Seven recovered to get up, Ciampa and Gargano looked upon them, the fans started cheering for Moustache Mountain DIY steped up to shake the hands and that how they gave a respect for them, evantullly both the teams raised their hand in the air with a big respect on their faces.

NXT Women's Championship Match

Rhea Ripley Vs Toni Storm

Winner: Rhea Ripley, victory followed by pinfall

Eight-Man Tag Team Match

Undisputed ERA vs. Imperium

Winner: Imperium, victory followed by pinfall

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