Worlds Collide News | Kay Lee Ray def. Mia Yim

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 26, 2020
Worlds Collide News | Kay Lee Ray def. Mia Yim
We headed towards the ring with Mia Tim walking out to the ring first. NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray was next for this non-title match. The bell rang and Yim sent The champion into the corner with kicking her into the direction of the ring corner, she went on to kick her into the corner the referee breaks her out, Ray launched a big tornado DDT out of the corner and went for the cover but she kicked out with 2 counts, Yim made her hand on Yim with a big slap, they both looked on each other, Yim with a simile went to attacked on Ray, Yim right to the back to the neck with her leg.

Yim was looking very focus on the match against Rey. Yim mounted a comeback and had a big tornado DDT of her own she went for the cover but she kicked out. Key to Yim into the corner and had her hand on Tim's chest with a big slam. Key with a big superkick on Yim and went for the cover but another and soon kick out made by her.

Kay Lee went onto climb to the top and jumped but I was able to have the attack. now Yim with back Neck Braker Yim with a big DDT from the top of the rope and went for the cover waa kicked out by Key, Yim sent Lee out of the ring and took her in the ring back, Yim climbed on the edge of the ring and she got hit by Lee with a big superkick to send her on the ground, Yim went on the top of the rope and hit the floor by dashing down Yim.

They both went on back to the forth, Key set for the Correybomb but instead got hit by Yim a hurricanrana, and the cover was made to break by Key, Ray rolls Yim into a 2 count. Another cover was made by key but this time got her to pin and win the match.

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