WrestleMania 36 Part 2: Edge defeats Randy Orton to win the Last Man Standing Match

Jitendra Jangir Mon Apr 06, 2020
WrestleMania 36 Part 2: Edge defeats Randy Orton to win the Last Man Standing Match
Welcome to Anfostar_ It was a Last Man Standing Match between Edge and Randy Orton in which Edge completes his revenge by defeating Randy Orton.

Edge walked down to the ring being the entrance to face off Randy Orton in a Last Standing Match. The Music hit but The Viper did not appear from the entrance. Edge was waiting for Randy to come down. We saw a glitch that Randy Orton disguised himself as the camera and then came into the ring to launch RKO on Edge. The asked Edge to ring the bail. The bail rang and we saw Randy Orton had another RKO o Edge.

The referee counted up to 7 and Edge went out of the ring, Randy pursuit him back to land the camera on Randy Orton and then sent him over the barricade with a big right hand. Randy took Edge into the backstage area and they ended up into a ZYM whereby Randy benefited by using the tools from there, Randy Orton brought weighted and tended to land it on Edge but instead he got it right back to his face.

Edge was fully in the control by ripping him through the ZYM, Edge tired to hit Randy but The Viper sent through the box. They left the ZYM and came near to the garage, where Edge let Randy run into the steel garage door, the referee counted up to 6 and Randy back to his feet, They again came into he ringside whereby Randy sent Randy though the barricade which led the referee for 6 counts, they crossed another way now passing by the way to the office area.

dge high above the sealing and launched himself on Randy Orton. The count was broken at 7 by Randy. They both left the office and went ahead. Randy Orton hit a cameraman who came off with the camera. They went back and forth in the entire WWE Performance Center. Randy Orto looked to be zest on Edge, once he made Edge count up to 9, Randy now targeted Edge's leg for the damage.

The fight and counts getting exchanges, Edge set Randy on a table and himself claimed on the ladder in the wake to launch himself on the table. Edge finally had Elbow cut on Randy Orton from the ladder through the table. Randy got up until the referee had 7 counts. Now Randy took the hammer shots on Edge.

Now Randy Orton Edge was on the top of the pick-up truck, Randy ordered referee that he doesn't even need to count, meanwhile Randy had DDT on the pickup, we saw Edge climbing high above the NXT sign, Randy also followed his feet, Randy backed himself to do something craziest but Edge landed a massive Spear on Randy. The Referee counted up to 7. Edge prepared for another Spear but this time he underwent the failure as Ranay instead had his RKO on high above the NXT sign.

Edge was barely able to get back on his feet at 9 counts until Randy could bring some chairs from the downside, Randy landed some steel hits on Edge and prepared for another but this time Edge had submission move to take him down. We saw Edge filling with emotions while hitting the steel chairs and finally Edge landed the steel chair hits to make Ranay unable to get back up on his feet.

Winner : Edge

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