WrestleMania 36: Seth Rollins Vs. Kevin Owens Full Match Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sun Apr 05, 2020
WrestleMania 36: Seth Rollins Vs. Kevin Owens Full Match Recap
Seth Rollins was the first to enter the ring and Kevin Owens latter in the ring. The bail rang and Seth Rollins tried to stop Kevin from hitting him. Kevin Owen with a big boot on Seth to toss him through the ring rope. Kevin followed Seth Rollins to toss him back into the ring.

Seth Rollins with the backdrop on Kevin at the edge of the ring and then another drop at the same place. Seth yelling at Kevin Owens while he was down. Kevin tried to get back into the ring but Seth Rollins wiped out Kevin by flying through the ring rope to dash down Kevin Owens. We saw Seth Rollins applying another hit on Kevin through the ring rope.

Seth Rollins tried for another same hit but this time Kevin caught on the way by blocking it with a massive hit on his face. Seth Rollins took the lead in the match with a Superkick and tried to have Stop but was blocked by Kevin and hit big ring hand shoulder on Seth Rollins and then a DDT on the apron. Kevin Owens went on the top of the ring post to have Senton, he went for the cover but kicked out at two. We saw Kevin taking Seth atop the ring post to have Seth for another move, but Seth escaped from it to instead have Buckle bomb on Kevin Owens.

Seth Rollins and Kevin fought off out of the ring whereby Seth Rollins hit the bail on Kevin's head which forced the referee call out the match for the disqualification, Seth Rollins laughed on Kevin and went made his way to the exit. But there was a desire by Kevin when he said Seth to come back to have a fight with no disqualification. They again started the match, we saw Seth Rollins hitting a bunch of steel chair on Kevin's back. We saw Kevin Ownes hit Seth Rollins with the same bail that was earlier hit by Seth on Kevin. He then went on the top of the WrestleMania sigh to launch himself on Seth Rollins at the announce table.

He drove Seth back into the ring and had K.O Stunner to pin Seth for the victory.

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