Wwe Legend Returning Next Week to Build Dream Match at Wrestlemania 39

Jekesh Jangir Tue Mar 21, 2023
Wwe Legend Returning Next Week to Build Dream Match at Wrestlemania 39

Wrestlemania 39 is coming in few days and the hype of this Event is on top level and fans are so much exited for this Event. Becouse the Matches are going to be happend are gonna be so Entertaining.

Because every fan wanted to see all this Superstars in Wrestlemania 39 and Matches of Big and popular stars are so special for Wwe fans and also these Matches are gonna be so awesome and special.

Wwe Wrestlemania 39 is gonna be so special and amazing with many spectacular bouts announced for this special Event. In all these Matches, one such match is John Cena going to fight against Austin Theory for the United States Championship.

 A Face-off between these two Superstars is a dream of Wwe fans and John Cena is a Champion and popular star of the company from many years and Theory looks to be the future of the promotion. The Sixteen - time World Champion returned in a last episode of Raw and had a verbal battle with the United States Champion.

They later decided a match for The Show of show's. According to the reports, John Cena will also featuring in Next Weeks Raw. Fans are also expecting from John Cena to deliver another fiery promo or have a physical exchange with Austin Theory to crate up thier much - anticipated match at Wrestlemania 39.

Stay tuned for more amazing stuff about Wrestlemania 39

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