age of ram setu or how old is ram setu

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age of ram setu or how old is ram setu
age of ram setu or how old is ram setu

In this painting made in the 19th century, the context of Ramayana is depicted in which the bridge is being built by the monkeys.

The age of Ram Sethu has been a matter of controversy. According to the "Project Rameswaram" of the Geological Survey of India, the age data of corals in this area suggest that the Rameshwaram island developed about 125,000 years ago.

Due to the changing sea level, it has also been suggested that the land between Rameswaram and Atlaimannar, Sri Lanka was probably open 7,000 to 18,000 years ago.

The sand dunes between Dhanushkodi and Ram Sethu are said to be 500-600 years old. According to a 2003 survey by Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, the age of Rama Sethu is only 3,500 years.

Setu Bandhan is described every year on Dussehra and in all kinds of dance-dramas based on the life of Rama in many countries across India, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

The description of this bridge built by Rama is not only in the Ramayana, but also in the Mahabharata, there is a mention of the bridge of Shri Ram.

The bridge is described in Kalidasa's Raghuvansh. The description of Shri Ram Setu also comes in many Puranas.

In the Encyclopdia Britannica it is called Ram Setu. In the pictures taken by NASA and Indian satellite, a thin line of islands from Dhanushkodi to Jaffna is visible today, it is known as Ram Setu. This bridge was then built in just five days. Its length was 100 yojanas and breadth 10 yojanas. In making it, high technology was used in the Ramayana period, with the name Shri Ram.

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