doctrine of reincarnation

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doctrine of reincarnation
doctrine of reincarnation

According to Indian philosophies, in ancient times, the sages discovered themselves and found that the body itself is not but the soul within the body – which is formless – is their original form.

This process of knowing the soul is known as self-realization.

For the realization of the soul, methods like Yoga, Gyan, Bhakti, etc. are prevalent, which have appeared in ancient times.

The sages, knowing themselves, also attained the knowledge of their births and found that they had many births.

The original form of the self is the soul which never dies; It was before, it is today and it will be tomorrow.

After the death of the body, the soul takes birth again and this cycle continues. The cause of rebirth is attachment to worldly things etc.

When a person gets to know himself by getting rid of worldly dilemmas on the strength of spiritual practice, then he also gets freedom from the process of birth. Still, he can take birth of his own free will.

Basically everyone forgets their past lives.

Knowing the soul through activities like yoga etc., one can get the knowledge of previous births in meditation. Gnani men can also tell about the lives of others, so even from such a master, knowledge of previous births can be attained.

There is also mention of births and reincarnations in Puranas etc., which gives information about the previous births of such persons.

There have also been instances of a child having knowledge of previous birth during childhood.

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