method of donation

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method of donation
method of donation

Many distinctions have been counted in the form of donation, small donation and general donation. Mahadan is also said to be of 16 types. Of these, Tuladan has got priority. The ritual of this Tuladan is completed in three days.

On the first day, the person who donates the blood and the scholars who perform that ritual, resolve to observe fasting and follow the rules on the second day, wake up early in the morning on the second day, after retiring from their necessary bodily activities, bathing and taking leave from the daily rituals, present near the ritual hall.

In the beginning, with determination, there is Maha Ganapati Puja, Matrika Puja, Vasodhara Puja, Nandishradh and Punyaavachan.

The pavilion, the pool and the altars that have been built on the first purified land are cremated, the pavilion is decorated with clothes, ornaments and ensigns. Acharya, Brahma and Ritvijas are selected by the host for the purpose of rituals.

All scholars are worshiped from Madhuparka. On the occasion of such Mahadan, scholars who have knowledge of the four Vedas are expected. The knowledge of the Acharya should be of the same Veda as that of the host of the Veda. According to the Vedas of the host, all the rituals should be done.

Among the scholars who have knowledge of other Vedas, Rigvedi scholars sit at the east gate of the mandapa, Yajurvedi scholars at the south gate, Samavedi scholars at the west gate and Atharvavedi scholars at the north door. While sitting there, they recite Vedic mantras for protection and peace.

On the third day, a ritual fire is performed in the kund with Vedic peace recitation. The deities, Dikpal and Navagraha Prabhriti are established and worshiped on the altars. The Hotrigans perform a havan for the worship of the deity. Purvanga Kriya ends with the sacrifice of the Anantara Dikpals to the Preityartha.

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