name and subtitle (Krishna)

Anfostar Team Sun Sep 25, 2022
name and subtitle (Krishna)
name and subtitle

"Krishna" is a Sanskrit word, which is synonymous with "black", "dark" or "dark blue".

Its relation to the word "darkness" is also clearly visible in the time of the waning moon being called 'Krishna Paksha'. The name is also sometimes translated as "super-attractive".

According to the description of Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, when Krishna was in his childhood, his naming ceremony was performed by Acharya Gargacharya at Nandababa's house.

While naming the name, Gargacharya said, 'This son takes incarnation in every age.

Sometimes its color is white, sometimes red, sometimes yellow. In each of the earlier ages, it has taken three varnas while taking the body.

This time it is of Krishnavarna, hence its name will be Krishna. Being the son of Vasudeva, he is called 'Vasudeva'.

Apart from the name "Krishna", he has been known by many other names, which reflect his many characteristics. The most widespread names are Mohan, Govind, Madhav, and Gopal.

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