origin of river ganga

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origin of river ganga
origin of river ganga


Bhagirathi river, in Gangotri

The main branch of the Ganges river is the Bhagirathi, which originates from the Gangotri glacier or glacier (GURUKUL) at a place called Gaumukh in the Himalayas in Garhwal.

The height of this origin of the Ganges is 3140 meters. There is a temple dedicated to Ganga ji here. Gangotri-tirtha is the mouth of this glacier at an altitude of 3,892 m (12,770 ft) 19 km north of the city.

This glacier is 25 km long and 4 km wide and about 40 meters high. From this glacier Bhagirathi descends on a small cave-like mouth. Its water source is a valley situated at an altitude of 5,000 m. The origin of this valley lies in the Santopanth peaks of the western slope. On the way to Gaumukh, there is a view of the huge Gaumukh glacier from Chirbasa village, 3,600 meters high.

In this glacier, the snow of Nanda Devi, Kamat Parvat and Trishul Parvat melts. Although many small streams have contributed to the formation of the Ganges, but the geographical and cultural importance of 6 major and their tributary 5 small streams is more.

The tributaries of Alaknanda (Vishnu Ganga) are Dhauli, Vishnu Ganga and Mandakini. There is a confluence between Dhauli Ganga, Alaknanda and Vishnu Prayag. It is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters. Then there is a confluence with the Alaknanda Kanandakini river at 2805 meters high Nand Prayag.

After this, Alaknanda meets with Karna Ganga or Pindar river at Karna Prayag. Then it meets the Alaknanda Mandakini at Rudra Prayag, located 139 km away from Rishikesh. After this, Bhagirathi and Alaknanda confluence at Dev Prayag situated at 1500 feet, from here this combined water-stream flows forward in the name of river Ganges.

These five Prayag are collectively called Panch Prayag. In this way, after passing a narrow mountain path of 200 km, the Ganges river, passing through Rishikesh, touches the plains for the first time at Haridwar.

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