reincarnation in ancient texts

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reincarnation in ancient texts
reincarnation in ancient texts

Clear information has been given in the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita about the process of reincarnation, which is also very popular.

While giving the knowledge of Karmayoga, Lord Krishna told Arjuna, 'I had given this knowledge to the Sun at the beginning of the creation.

I am giving it to you today.' Arjuna wondered and asked the question, 'You were born just a few years ago and the sun has been there for many years.

When did you give this (Karmayoga) knowledge to the Sun at the beginning of creation?' Where did Krishna say, 'You and I have had many births, you have forgotten but I remember.

The following is the complete dialogue of Krishna-Arjuna in the Gita :-

Sri Bhagavan said -

I preached this imperishable yoga method to Vivasvan (Sun God) at the beginning of creation, Vivasvan gave this instruction to his son Manu, the creator of human beings and Manu gave this instruction to his son King Ikshvaku. Gave. (1)

Oh great Arjuna! In this way, the knowledge obtained from the Guru-disciple tradition, along with this science, was understood by the royal rishis, but due to the effect of time, that knowledge along with the supreme science was often scattered and destroyed from this world. (2)

“Today this ancient yoga (the science of union of soul with God) is being told to you by me because you are also my devotee and dear friend, so only you can understand this great mystery. (3)

Arjuna said - The birth of Sun God has started at the beginning of the creation and you have been born now, then how can I understand that you yourself preached this yoga at the beginning of the creation? (4)

"Shri Bhagavan said -

O Arjuna! You and I have had many births; I know all of them, but O Lord! You do not know (them).

In this, Shri Krishna has propounded the principle of reincarnation and has also kept himself (Krishna) about knowing about his many previous births.

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