south east asian texts

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south east asian texts
south east asian texts

Non-Indian versions of the Ramayana exist, such as the Thai Ramakian. According to these versions of the Ramayana, Macchanu is the son of Hanuman, born by Suvarnamcha, when "Hanuman flies after setting fire to Ravana's palace, his body from the extreme heat and a drop of his sweat falling into the sea which is blown away by a mighty fish." She took a bath and gave birth to Ravana's daughter Machnu.

Another legend states that a demonic demon named Matsyaraj (also known as Makardhwaja or Matsyagarbha) claims to be his son.

The birth of Matsyaraj is described as follows: A fish (Matsya) was impregnated with the sweat droplets of Hanuman while she was taking a bath in the sea.

Hanuman in Southeast Asian texts differs from the North Indian Hindu version in various ways in the Burmese Ramayana, such as Rama Yagan, Along Rama Thaygin (in Arakani dialect), Rama Vatu and Rama Thayin, the Malay Ramayana, such as Hikayat Sri Rama.

and Thai Ramayana like Hikayat Maharaja Ravana, and Ramayana. However, in some respects, aspects of the story are similar to the Hindu versions and Buddhist versions of the Ramayana found elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent.

Valmiki Ramayana is the original holy book; Others are versions edited by poets for performing arts like folk dance, the true story of Ramayana is Valmiki, the sage Valmiki is known as Adikavi "the first poet".

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