type of donation

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type of donation
type of donation

The three types of charity are said to be Satvik, Rajas and Tamas, with these distinctions.

The charity which is given in a holy place and at the best time to such a person who has not done any kind of favor to the donor is a sattvik charity.

The charity which is given in return for any kind of favor done to oneself or out of desire for some fruit or out of compulsion is called Rajas Daan.

The charity which is given to a disobedient and unworthy person without any hospitality, in an impure place and at an inappropriate time, is called Tamas Daan.

From these distinctions, physical, verbal and mental, three different types of charity have been counted. The donation of gold, silver, etc., which is given with determination is a physical donation.

When a fearful person comes near him, Barley Abhay charity is given, it is a verbal donation. Chanting and meditation which is offered to Prabhriti is called mental donation.

Vidya donation

land donation - giving land

food donation - giving food

Kanya Daan - Giving the girl to the bridegroom for marriage

cow donation

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