who was hanuman ji , lord hanuman

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who was hanuman ji , lord hanuman
who was hanuman ji

11th Rudravatar of Lord Shiva, exclusive devotee of Lord Shri Ram and immortal

Hanuman . The supreme devotee of Lord Shri Ram (also known as Sanskrit: Hanuman, Anjaneya and Maruthi) is one of the most popular concepts and one of the most important characters in the Indian epic Ramayana. He is considered the most powerful and intelligent among all the incarnations of Lord Shiva. According to Ramayana, he is very dear to Shri Ram.

Bajrangbali is also among the seven sages who are blessed with immortality on this earth. Hanuman ji incarnated to help Lord Rama. There are innumerable tales of Hanuman ji's might. The way he made Sugriva's friendship with Rama and then killed the Asuras with the help of the monkeys, is very famous.

Hanuman Shakti, Lord of knowledge, devotion and victory, Supreme destroyer of evil, Protector of devotees.

Other names Mahabali, Mahavir, Pawanputra, Anjanisut, Kesarinandan, Rameshta, Dashagriva Darpa: AdiSambandhavanar, Rudra Avatar, Lord Rama's devotee Earth Mantra, Hanumante Namah Astragadala, Vajravarnar and Dhwaja-Dhwaja

Vayudev (spiritual father) Raja Kesari (father)

Anjana (mother)

Brother-sister-Gatiman, Shrutiman, Dhritiman, Ketuman and Matriman child Makardhwaj ride Anonymous Ramayana mahabharat festival hanuman birthday

He is known as Bajrangbali because his body is like a thunderbolt. He is known as the son of the wind. Vayu or Pawan (God of the wind) played an important role in the upbringing of Hanuman ji.

Marut (Sanskrit: Marut) means wind. Nandan means son. According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman is "Maruti" meaning "Marut-Nandan" (son of wind). It is believed that Shri Balaji Maharaj was born in Kaithal district of Haryana, whose ancient name was Kapithal.

Hanumanji taking shelter of Adi Ram

Hanuman ji does bhakti considering Ram ji as supreme, in the last moments of his life he came to know about Aadiram, then went to Guru's refuge and did bhakti and got welfare done.

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